Anna Waldman-Brown

Anna is a PhD student in political economy at MIT’s Department of Urban Studies and Planning, where she researches emerging technologies, manufacturing systems, and the roots of rising inequality. She was previously a research assistant at the Legatum Center for Development and Entrepreneurship - where she was investigating the viability of local manufacturing and inclusive strategies for industrialization. She has worked with Autodesk, the Fab Lab network, international policy-makers, and grassroots innovators across 50+ countries to foster creative problem-solving and sustainable development. She is a graduate of the Technology and Policy Program and a Fulbright fellow. She holds a bachelor’s of science in physics and writing and humanistic studies from MIT.

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Ananse Group

Investigating global spread of the Maker Movement by mapping global innovation spaces with ASME .

Practical Education Network

Teacher training program infused with MIT-style learning-by-doing to promote hands-on science regardless of resource constraints.

Eco-Village of DIY Houses

Co-founder of a .3 acre ecovillage-in-progress in Northern California, currently awaiting city permitting approval. (Image via Tim Anderson)

Maker Fest India

Curated India's first maker festival in Ahmedabad in 2014, with hundreds of innovations from around the country and thousands of visitors. Now a recurring event every January. (Image via Photophilics)

Fab Lab Festivals

Co-organized public Fab Festivals at the fab lab conferences in Barcelona and Boston, introducing thousands of attendees to fabbers from around the world through hands-on workshops and exhibits.

Global Fab Awards

Co-organized the Global Fab Awards in 2014 and 2015 and curated projects for the Fab Lab Connect Replication Grants to celebrate innovative, open-source projects from the fab lab community.


Solar Cell Cutter

Method for accurately cutting solar cells by scoring and snapping them, designed for local manufacture of solar panels in Nicaragua as part of MIT's D-Lab: Energy course.

Light-Up Glove

Glove that lights up along the fingers when you make a fist. Stitched and coded at High-Low Tech using the Lilypad Arduino. (Image via High-Low Tech)

MIT Media Lab India Initiative

Mentored 30 students in a week-long workshop in 2013 and 2014.

The Wayward Rock

Choose-your-own adventure to educate kids about the dangers of asteroid attacks and inspire creative solutions, through NASA and SpaceGAMBIT.


A play about the collapse of Iceland's economy, in two acts. Staged readings performed at OHM2013 and MIT in 2011. Winner of Ilona Karmel award for playwriting, MIT 2011.

Swishy Jacket

Authentically swishy 18th century jacket, using an original sewing pattern.

Chocolate Science

President of the MIT Lab for Chocolate Science from 2009-2011, managing the distribution of over 700lbs of chocolate each year for science, education, and student life improvement. Want to make your own tea-infused truffles with me? (Image via Elizabeth Washburn)

Fablab in Taiwan

Hosted 3-day design thinking and prototyping workshop and presented to government officials at Fab Lab Dynamic in Taipei 2014. (Image via Fablab Dynamic)

Ethernet Bikinis

Both bikinis still connect to the internet.


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